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Feature Request

Hi Guys,

I`ve got 2 ideas I`d like to share as a new user of the BlueSaab.

1. Could the Bluetooth Discoverable time be increased?  My 2 Bluesaabs (both HW 6.1, SW 6.1.1) seem to have a very short timeout for a phone to connect to.  I understand that we might want to keep it short to avoid other devices trying to connect but at present, if I press 1 on the Radio and then press "Search" on my phone I have to try to connect to "BlueSaab v6" as soon as it shows up otherwise my phone reports "Pairing failed".  If I then press "Search" on my phone again, the "Bluesaab v6" is gone.

2.  On the same subject, would it be possible to make the BlueSaab report on the SID something like "Bluetooth Discovery"  (Character count permitting of course), obviously this won't help people with Park Assist though.  Same goes for "Disconnect Device" and "Re-connect last device" buttons.