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About BlueSaab

BlueSaab is a personal project I started back ~2009. I wanted a way to stream music from my phone to my 2000 Saab 9-3 Viggen without using one of those crappy FM transmitters.

The end result is a device that emulates a stock CD changer, which also has a bluetooth receiver, and lets you connect a phone to the bluetooth and stream your music/audio to the device, which is then played through the car's stock audio system. The car thinks a CD changer is connected and playing. The device doesn't require a Tech-2 device to "marry" the BlueSaab to the vehicle; it's literally plug-n-play.

BlueSaab will remember up to 8(?) bluetooth devices, and will automatically try to reconnect to the last known connected device. The radio buttons control the bluetooth connection, by putting BlueSaab into bluetooth pairing mode, connect, and disconnect.

Steering wheel controls work like normal, including volume up/down and next/prev track.

The Saab Information Display (SID) will show the Artist and Track title information on vehicles without Saab Park Assist (SPA).

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